Concha studs

Concha studs

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Fun, beautiful and handmade Concha studs! 

Material: premium quality wood, hand-painted with acrylic paint. Silver backings. Hypoallergenic

Size: 1” x 1”

Conchas (“shell” in Spanish, since the twisted streusel top looks like a seashell) are Mexico’s national sweet bread, a yeasted roll in vanilla or chocolate made from eggy, fatty biscocho dough. Their history dates back to the 18th century during the colonial era, when French, Spanish, and Italian bakers established themselves in Mexico or New Spain, bringing their recipes like brioche and baguettes with them.

Pan dulce was developed by the creativity and work of nuns, indigenous women, and criollas using the ingredients they had on hand. In some small towns, the cookie-topped crusts are still made with pork lard instead of modern day butter.